Code Name of Course
MT501 Thesis
Minimum 1 Thesis
18 Credits

Students wanting to enter the 36-credit  Master’s  Degree  in  Apostolic  Ministry  program must have completed a Bachelor Degree Honors or an equivalent of 138 credit hours.

The  Master’s  Degree  in  Apostolic  Ministry  prepares  students  for  advanced  professional competence in a Christian community.

Upon the successful completion of the Master’s Degree in Apostolic Ministry, the students should be able to:

  • identify best practices for individual and corporate spiritual growth and formation.
  • train others in spiritual sensitivity, bringing them to maturity
  • identify the work of apostles as Christ’s ambassadors sent to governments and nations and to raise up the church as an alternate society in every city and nation.
  • understand how apostles and prophets can and must work together to extend the Christ’s Kingdom and build the apostolic and prophetic Church.
  • learn what is meant by the transformation of cities and nations through the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom
  • define the moral and spiritual responsibility of the church and individual believers to confront injustice, where ever it is found, until the whole earth is filled with righteousness and justice
  • understand the dominion mandate given by God to His apostles and through them to His church
  • know how to transition into effective apostolic ministry and know what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing today
  • learn how to build, restore, and govern
  • learn to invade, conquer and influence your world for Christ
  • show to what extent Biblical organizational patterns for church life should be employed in the church today
  • demonstrate an understanding of church planting techniques and church growth strategies.
  • identify the architectural plan of the church that Jesus has handed down to us to ensure that the bride is made ready for the Groom
  • show how apostles will lead the five-fold ministry in the area of influence granted them and to challenge the church to make the transitions required from being an organization to a vibrant living, loving organism
  • demonstrate the importance of all believers taking their places to be vessels through which the Holy Spirit manifests the anointing and power that manifests the nature and character of Christ

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